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U.S. 1892-1897 Assay Commission Medal Mule
By Stacks

This remarkable Assay Commission medal was part of the famous Virgil M. Brand Collection, described in the Saccone Sale of November 1989 as “an impossible muling, a combination of the 1892 Benjamin Harrison obverse and the 1897 Grover Cleveland reverse. A second rarity doubtless created as a delight for a collector.”

Given the pedigree to Virgil Brand it would be no great leap in judgment to suggest that the Chicago millionaire brewer himself might well have been the influential collector hinted at in that earlier description.

A magnificent strike is complemented by gentle pervasive pearl gray toning that adds to the visual appeal of this desirable rarity, virtually a “one of a kind” addition for any seriously assembled Assay Medal collection.

From the Virgil M. Brand Collection (Bowers & Merena’s Saccone Sale, November 1989, Lot 3487.

Silver, 33.7mm, 3.2mm thick, 22.84 grams. By George T. Morgan. JK AC-36 obv., AC-41 rev. Julian-Keusch unlisted in this form.

Obv. Large bust of Benjamin Harrison l., finely beaded border.

Rev. Prudence stands with mirror and scales regarding an ancient Greek coin depicting Minerva in Corinthian helmet at r., legend .THE. MINT. OF. THE. UNITED. STATES. ANNUAL. ASSAY 1897.

This Item is for Sale in Stack’s 11/18/2008 - 11/19/2008 The Keusch, Snow & Del Zorro Collections Sale as Lot 5284

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