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2008 Proof Gold Eagle Set & More Sold Out at Mint
By CoinNews.net

Choosing which 2008 American Eagle Gold Proof coin to buy is becoming easier every day. The US Mint’s one ounce option sold out late this week, and the four-coin set just joined it.

While the Mint recently slashed gold and platinum coins — more than 20 — from its 2009 numismatic portfolio, all American Eagle gold proof options will return. For the eagle uncirculated coins, however, only the one ounce will see light in 2009. It is no wonder that the uncirculated gold series is currently experiencing the highest demand. Yet, all these coins may still be purchased.

Comparing the latest Mint sales figures shows that more collectors prefer the proof coins, but the desire to potentially own a more scarce uncirculated gold eagle that will not be minted again is driving some late-year buying decisions.

It is noteworthy that the U.S. Mint has mintage limits in place for eagle proof coins each year. These two latest sell outs do not come close to those limits. The Mint was vocal in warning its dealer network about depleted bullion coin inventories for investor coins. Buyers, unfortunately, had to assume the same for the collector coins.

Also products showing as not available are the 2008 Platinum Eagles, the 2008 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set (XA2), the 2008 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Coin (Z86), the 2008 United States Mint Proof Set (P08) and the 2008 United States Mint 50 State Quarters Proof Set™ (Q08).

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