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2008 Mint and Proof Sets Strong
By Harry Miller

Mint sets have shown little change with the exception of a flurry of interest in the Special Mint Sets of 1965-1967 and some strong buying of the 2008 set, which seems to be in very short supply.

Proof sets are active with no declines lately. There are about a dozen increases. Some are caused by the rise in silver bullion. The 2008 set shines here as well.

Precious metals just continue to follow the dollar’s trend. It is a real tug-of-war. Prices are nearly the same as last week, The new 2009 one-ounce Buffalo is starting to be delivered and premiums have diminished rapidly to a normal level. The question here is will there be a low mintage with production starting so late on the calendar?

Generic U.S. gold continues active with a new focus on the $2.50 Liberty and the Type 1 $20 Liberty issues. Supplies are thin on these as they always have been. Watch out for nice counterfeits on the $2.50 issues. These were very common coming out of Lebanon in the 1960s.

Peace dollars are relatively quiet. Just the opposite picture though for the generic Mint State-66s and -67s.

For Morgans common Carson City issues have declined in the lower Mint State grades the 1880-CC has also joined its less expensive sisters.


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