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24 Reasons Gold Coins Offer Tremendous Value
SOURCE Swiss America Trading Corporation

Commodity Super-cycle's Next Stage Is 'Vertical,'
Over four dozen experts now agree gold and silver prices must double again in the near future to reach their previous inflation-adjusted 1980 highs, as oil prices did last week, according to GOLD: THE NEXT STAGE, Swiss America Trading Corporation's 26th anniversary financial journal.

Gold prices have rocketed from $650 an ounce to $950 in just the last eight months. A 2008 Reuters global poll of fifty analysts are forecasting gold to surge over 20 percent this year, topping $1,000/oz.

"Great values exist today for the educated gold buyer," says Swiss America CEO Craig R. Smith. "I'm convinced the world will witness a gold price explosion in 2008, propelling the shiny yellow metal vertically into the next and most exciting stage of this long-term bull market."

Rising inflation, here and abroad, may be the next economic volcano to erupt, derailing the Federal Reserve's desperate attempt to engineer a soft- landing from an impending recession.

GOLD: THE NEXT STAGE features the top ten economic issues of 2008 and dozens of forces driving precious metal prices to skyrocket, distilled from 48 top analysts over the past two years.

1. Commodities 2008: an asset class for the first time in history

2. The most powerful factor affecting gold: monetary inflation

3. 2008 gold supply/demand dynamics: irreversible shortfalls

4. The shortest commodity bull market in history: 15 years

5. Likely ruptures in stability of global money-credit system

6. Gold gaining strength: ETFs, corporate and pension funds

7. Central banks buying gold: diversify reserves out of dollars

8. Savvy investors allocate assets into gold as wealth insurance

9. Gold's downside risk: paltry compared to the upside potential

10. Portfolios designed to hedge inflation need bedrock of gold

11. $950 gold prices will eventually peak over $2,200 an ounce

12. Gold now accepted as fourth global currency (with $, Eu, Y.)

13. Bullish: gold still in a stealth bull market from the public

14. Investors should worry less about good/bad gold entry points

15. Geopolitical events can send metal prices through the roof

16. Gold is coming out of the closet: the press is taking notice

17. Price corrections a sign of a healthy bull market, buy dips

18. Hard currencies (gold) boom as public notices dollar decline

19. Gold market knows inflation is rising, explaining 2007 surge

20. Gold you hold in your hand: Numismatic coins or bullion best

21. Some insiders see gold saving the dollar as reserve currency

22. The era of big bank gold price control is over thanks to GATA

23. A gold spike 5-7 years out could launch gold above $5,000/oz.

24. Equity-based IRAs stagnant while precious metal IRAs boom

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