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67,331 Fractional Buffalo Sold
By CoinNews.net

The first sales figures from the United States Mint are in for 2008 fractional Buffalo gold coins. In total, a solid 67,331 of the new fractionals have been sold.

The 24 karat gold coins were once offered in one-ounce proof versions only.

On July 22, the Mint expanded the product line by issuing fractional denominations of 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz weights and in both proof and uncirculated.

The 1/10 ounce gold sizes are proving to be the most popular coins. Their lower prices have helped sales even though the Mint charges higher premiums for these smallest coins.

The following numbers highlight uncirculated and proof Buffalo coin sales figures:

Uncirculated American Buffalo Gold Sales Figures
Coin Size/Weight Face Value Price Units Sold
One Ounce $50 denomination $1,059.95 725
Half-Ounce $25 denomination $539.95 2,104
Quarter-Ounce $10 denomination $289.95 3,275
One-Tenth Ounce $5 denomination $129.95 13,188
Four-Coin Set N/A $1,959.95 2,959
Total 22,251

Proof American Buffalo Gold Sales Figures
Size/Weight Face Value Price Units Sold
One Ounce $50 denomination $1,199.95 7,615
Half Ounce $25 denomination $619.95 687
Quarter Ounce $10 denomination $329.95 2,121
One-Tenth Ounce $5 denomination $159.95 8,752
Four-Coin Set N/A $2,219.95 4,257
Total 23,432

The 67,331 total sold figure takes into account each of the four coins within the four-coin sets.

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