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81 Eliasberg Gold Coins at Scotsman Auction

Beginning at 4 pm ct. on Friday, October 17th, 2008, Scotsman Auction Company will conduct the most significant rare coin auctionever held in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. It will take place at the Saint Charles Convention Center located off Interstate 70 in St. Charles, MO. This sale will be in conjunction with the 2008 Silver Dollar and Rare Coin Exposition, October 16th – 18th.

The nucleus of this magnificent sale consists of eighty-one gold coins pedigreed to the famous Eliasberg Collection, unavailable since October 1982.

These pieces were once a part of the renowned complete collection of United States coins formed by the late Louis E, Eliasberg, Sr. of Baltimore, Maryland. This collection of United States regular issue coins was complete in all denominations, by date and by mintmark, beginning with the first year, 1793, and kept current until his death in February 1976. The collection was featured in both Life and Look magazines, as well as being exhibited not only at the Smithsonian Institution, but also at the Philadelphia Mint during the nation’s bicentennial. Eliasberg began his pursuit in 1925 and was able to attain completeness prior to the end of 1950.

Besides having the notoriety of being the only collector to have achieved this momentous accomplishment of assembling this unique complete collection of United States coins. Eliasberg was part of the group of investors that purchased the St. Louis Browns baseball team and subsequently relocated the team to Baltimore, renaming it the Baltimore Orioles.

Among the eighty-one gold coins consigned to this sale with an Eliasberg pedigree are four “stellar” pieces. These following pieces are: the “finest known” 1862 Gold dollar; the “finest known” 1851 Gold quarter-eagle($2 ½ gold piece); one of the finest surviving 1880 Flowing Hair $4 gold pieces (“Stellas”), only 17 known to exist; and one of the finest known 1930 Saint-Gaudens double eagles ($20 gold pieces) struck at the San Francisco branch mint, with only an estimated fifty to sixty extant.

Along with these prestigious pieces in this public sale, are many other desirable, collector coins, for a total of 1,272 Lots.

For more information, contact Scotsman Auction Company 11262 Olive Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63141, (314) 692-2646, (800) 642-4305, FAX (314) 692-0410.

John A. Bush
Auction Director
[2] Scotsman Auction Company
(314) 692-2646
(800) 642-4305
FAX: (314) 692-0410

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