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Aggressive buying trends
By Mark Ferguson

Collectively, dealers probably have want lists for millions of specific coins from hundreds of thousands of individual collectors.

But coins on want lists don't necessarily coincide with major buying trends in the dealer community that supply dealers with enough coins for specific promotions and to maintain inventories of coins that are routinely selling well.

Let's look at some of the current major buying trends within the U.S. coin market.

As anticipated, demand for Lincoln cents is increasing because of the 100-year anniversary of the coin and the 200th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's birth. Dealers are seeking to buy individual Lincoln cents as well as circulated rolls of early issues and Uncirculated rolls of many of the later issues. Promotions of various sets of Lincoln cents are increasing.

Rolls of other coins are being sought in large quantities by dealers as well. For example, one large mail-order firm is seeking rolls of Jefferson 5-cent coins, Roosevelt dimes and Walking Liberty half dollars, in addition to what it normally purchases.

This firm is also searching for Proof American Eagle silver bullion coins, beginning with the first year of issue, 1986-S, to the later issues. It would like to buy hundreds of pieces and is offering nearly $35 per coin.

Another large firm is offering to purchase any denomination of Proof American Eagle gold bullion coin with boxes and papers for $1,375 per ounce. These are wholesale prices paid to other dealers who often sell to them in quantity, saving the additional work of having to assemble additional small deals. A reasonable profit margin would have to be added to the prices of the coins for consumers.

One firm is seeking rolls of Brilliant Uncirculated State quarter dollars. It is paying more than two and three times face value for the Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois and Connecticut issues. Others are being purchased at just a few dollars more than the $10 face value of the rolls.

Carson City Mint Morgan silver dollars are frequent best sellers, but several dealers are in the market to purchase individual issues and grades of other silver dollars – in circulated as well as Mint State grades.


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