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All-Time Finest Lincoln Cent Set
By Heritage

The Professional Coin Grading Service has just finished grading, encapsulating, and pedigreeing the Lincoln Cent Collection from the estate of the renowned dealer Jack Lee. The complete set will be offered in Heritage’s Houston Signature Auction, taking place at the Houston Money Show of the Southwest, Dec. 4-6, 2008.In PCGS’s widest category of Lincoln Cents, the Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1909-Present), the Jack Lee coins are now firmly in the leading position as the Finest All-Time Set. The Lee Set, which is 100% complete, has also been certified as 98.76% Red in color, leading to an astounding Weighted GPA of 68.685. The complete set of coins is now listed on the PCGS website.

Jack Lee was an admired numismatist, and his passing affected many — quite literally, dozens of numismatists who had known Jack for decades. Everyone appreciated Jack’s keen eye in his selection of these Lincoln cents. We expected that the Registry rating would certainly be in the top three, and were thrilled at the #1 ranking — further evidence of Jack’s inability to resist buying the finest coins he encountered for his personal account. The Jack Lee pedigree, so important to Morgan dollar enthusiasts, will now be equally important to Lincoln aficionados.

Highlights include:

1909-S VDB Cent, MS67 Red PCGS.
1909-S Lincoln Cent, MS67 Red PCGS.
1910-S Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1911 Cent, MS67 Red PCGS.
1911-S Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1912-D Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1913 Cent, MS67 Red PCGS.
1913-S Cent, MS66 Red PCGS. Ex: Joshua -Walsh.
1914-D Cent, MS65 Red PCGS.
1914-S Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1915-S Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1916-D Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1917 Cent, Doubled Die Obverse, MS66 Red PCGS.
1917-D Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1918-D Cent, MS66 Red PCGS. Ex: Joshua - Walsh.
1920-D Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1920-S Cent, MS65 Red PCGS. Ex: Joshua - Walsh.
1923-S Cent, MS65 Red PCGS.
1925-S Cent, MS65 Red PCGS. Ex: Joshua - Walsh.
1926-S Cent, MS65 Red PCGS. Ex: Joshua - Walsh.
1928-S Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1944-D/S Cent, MS66 Red PCGS.
1955 Cent, Doubled Die Obverse, MS65 Red PCGS.

This auction will open for bidding around the beginning of November at www.HA.com/Coins.

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