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American Veterans Disabled Commemorative Coin

A bill directing the U.S. Mint to issue 350,000 $1 silver commemorative coins in 2010 honoring disabled veterans was officially presented to President Bush, July 7.

H.R. 634 passed in the House and Senate last month and was cleared for the White House on June 18. With its official move yesterday, no more steps remain for H.R. 634 to become law other than the presidentís ink.

The billís overwhelming support guarantees that will happen. Itís only a matter of time, and most likely within days.

This Act Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to mint and issue $1 silver coins emblematic of the design selected by the Disabled Veteransí LIFE Memorial Foundation for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, in commemoration of disabled American veterans.

Expresses the sense of Congress that, to the greatest extent possible, the coins should be struck at the U.S. Mint at West Point, New York.

Limits the period for coin issuance to the calendar year beginning on January 1, 2010.

Imposes a $10 surcharge per coin, to be distributed to the Disabled Veteransí LIFE Memorial Foundation for the purpose of establishing an endowment to support the construction of American Veteransí Disabled for Life Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Prohibits a surcharge with respect to the issuance under this Act of any coin during a calendar year if, at the time of issuance, it would result in more than the statutory maximum of two commemorative coin programs per year.

Full Bill Text
Most Recent: H.R. 634.ENR (Enrolled as Agreed to or Passed by Both House and Senate)
The previous versions of the bill, H.R. 634.IH, H.R. 634.EH, and H.R. 634.RFS, H.R. 634.RS, H.R. 634.EAS may be viewed online at THOMAS.
Bill Status
Introduced in House Passed House Voted on in Senate Signed by President
Jan. 23, 2007 May 15, 2008 June 10, 2008 -

For a U.S. bill to become law, it must pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and then get signed by the President.

H.R. 634 was passed in the House on May 15, 2008 by 416 yeas (16 not voting). A Senate amendment was agreed to and passed the House on June 18, 2008.

The bill passed the Senate by Unanimous Consent On June 10, 2008. A record of each representativeís vote was not kept.

On July 7, the bill was officially presented to the President.

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