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Australian Mint Introduces New Mintmark
By Kerry Rodgers

For many moons the Royal Australian Mint at Canberra has been undergoing a total makeover, the first substantial upgrade of its facilities since 1965. These are now all but complete. To mark the occasion, the mint has adopted a brand new master mintmark.

The mark incorporates a kangaroo bounding through the letter "C." It was chosen by the mint's CEO, Janine Murphy, from a selection of motifs produced by her design staff.

In the first instance the new mark will be used on the standard 2009-dated circulating Mob-of-Roos dollar, but it is also scheduled to appear on a variety of future mint numismatic products.

Specimens of the 2009 dollar bearing the new mintmark are now available in a blister pack. For those with a penchant for origami, the die-cut packaging can be folded into a miniature Mint building.

But there's more!

Collectors who fronted at the reopening of the Mint Gallery on July 3-6 found an extra special treat on tap. They could queue to use the mint's portable press to counterstamp one example only of the newly mintmarked dollar using the former "C" mintmark. The counterstamp is positioned at the bottom of the reverse design, to the left of the largest kangaroo's heels. These coins were only available during the four days of the gallery celebration. Depending on how many enthusiastic collectors queued up to strike their single coin, these counterstamped numbers could become one of the great rarities of the modern Australian decimal series.


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