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BEP Issues Lincoln Card
By Bank Note Reporter

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is scheduled to exhibit at the Whitman Coin and Collectibles Convention in Baltimore, March 26-28, 2009, at the Baltimore Convention Center, One W. Pratt St.

The BEP will showcase its "Billion Dollar Exhibit" featuring $1 billion of rare and antique currency including sheets of $100,000 currency notes, Treasury Bonds, and Gold and Silver certificates.

Also, the BEP will have on display an exhibit featuring a Series 1934, nine-subject, multi-denominational Richmond face plate and a Series 1915/1928, four-subject, multi-denominational Richmond face plate.

Additionally, the BEP will have a 19th-century Spider Press at this convention. A technical expert on currency production will conduct printing demonstrations on this Abraham Lincoln-era press and answer questions. There will also be live demonstrations by a member of the BEP's Office of Engraving and a member of the Mutilated Currency Division.

The BEP will also offer an intaglio print card, "Lincoln Bicentennial Series-Family," featuring engraved images of miscellaneous portraits and vignettes representing Lincoln's life. This card is the second of five in the "Lincoln Bicentennial Series" and will be available for $20 each.

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