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Bowers-Merena Baltimore exceeds $6.1 million
by Coin Values

A 1795 Liberty Cap, Reeded Edge cent realized $402,500 during Bowers and Merena Auctions' official auction for the Baltimore Coin & Currency Convention Nov. 19 to 22.

The cent, graded Good 4 by Professional Coin Grading Service, is listed as Sheldon 79 by William Sheldon in Penny Whimsy.

The overall auction of U.S. coins and some U.S. paper money realized $6,103,470. All prices quoted here include the 15 percent buyer's fee.

For more information, write to the firm at 18061 Fitch Ave., Irvine, CA 92614, telephone it at (800) 458-4646, or fax it at (949) 253-4091. E-mail the business at auction@bowersandmerena.com or visit its Web site, www.bowersandmerena.com.

Some highlights:

1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath, Vine and Bars Edge cent, PCGS Mint State 63 brown, Collectors Acceptance Corp. stickered, $115,000.

1795 Liberty Cap, Reeded Edge cent, Sheldon 79, PCGS Good 4, $402,500.

1796, Reverse of 1797 Draped Bust cent, S-119, PCGS MS-63 Brown, $21,275.

1969-S Lincoln cent, PCGS MS-67 red, $3,450.

1920-D Indian Head 5-cent coin, NGC MS-67 ?, $138,000.

1924-S Indian Head 5-cent coin, NGC MS-66 ?, $31,050.

1942/1 Winged Head Liberty dime, Fivaz-Stanton 101 (Cherrypicker's Guide to Rare Die Varieties by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton), AU-55, $25,875.

1841 Seated Liberty quarter dollar, Briggs 4-B (The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of United States Liberty Seated Quarters by Larry Briggs), PCGS Proof 61, $92,000.

1919-D Standing Liberty quarter dollar, PCGS MS-66 full head, $57,500.

1919 Walking Liberty half dollar, PCGS MS-67, $32,200.

1920-D Walking Liberty half dollar, PCGS MS-66, $48,300.

1920-S Walking Liberty half dollar, PCGS MS-66, $50,600.

1895-O Morgan silver dollar, PCGS MS-61, $20,125.

1925-S Peace silver dollar, PCGS MS-65, $29,900.

1874 Trade dollar, NGC Proof 65 ultra cameo, CAC, $20,125.

1827 Capped Head gold $2.50 quarter eagle, Bass-Dannreuther 1 (Early U.S. Gold Coin Varieties: A Study of Die States, 1795-1834, by Harry W. Bass Jr. and John W. Dannreuther), NGC About Uncirculated 58, $23,000.

1802/1 Capped Bust gold $5 half eagle, BD-4, PCGS MS-62, $20,700.

1863 Coronet gold $20 double eagle, NGC MS-61, $21,850.

1915 $20 Federal Reserve Bank note, Friedberg 824 (Paper Money of the United States by Arthur L. and Ira S. Friedberg), PCGS Gem New 65 Premium Paper Quality, $22,425.

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