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Canadian Gold Easy on the Eyes, Good for the Portfolio
By Lisa Bellavin

The Royal Canadian Mint is known for its high quality gold products, and the Mint's 2008 selection is vast in its scope and artistic appeal. As gold becomes an increasingly attractive collecting option, the Mint is ahead of the game in creating beautifully crafted products that come in all ranges of affordability.

Collecting gold coins has great potential for fun and profit. Here is a small selection of the gold coins currently available from the RCM at the Mint's web site, www.mint.ca.

2008 14-Karat Gold Coin - 200th Anniversary of Descending the Fraser River

Simon Fraser was a fur trader and explorer who is credited with charting much of British Colombia. This particular coin celebrates his historic and dangerous exploration of the Fraser River - the longest in B.C., which now bears his name.

Designed by John Mantha and Susanna Blunt, the coin is comprised of 58.33 percent gold and 41.67 percent silver.

Only 5,000 coins will be minted, with a cost of $386.95 CA.

2008 1/25 Ounce Gold Coin - De Havilland Beaver

This coin is a fantastic option for investors and collectors because it makes high quality gold coins attainable to everyone. The coin is small in scope (one of the smallest pure gold coins ever produced) but still contains the 99.99 percent purity the RCM is known for.

The De Havilland Beaver is not mammal but machine - a versatile bush plane designed to fly in the face of extreme conditions, short takeoffs, and harsh climates.

20,000 coins of the design will be minted and can be purchased for $85.95 CA.

2008 5-Ounce Gold Coin - 100th Anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint

In celebration of the RCM's 100th anniversary, the mint has created a 5-ounce gold collector coin, also with 99.99 percent purity, bearing the image of the Mint building in Ottawa.

Only 250 coins will be minted, and carry a purchase limit of two per customer. Make it your own for $8,159.95 CA.

The Royal Canadian Mint sells directly to residents of Canada and the United States. If you reside outside of these countries, you can still purchase these or any RCM products by working directly with a coin dealer or official distributor in your area.

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