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Carson City Coin Collectors of America Web Site
by expertclick.com

The Carson City Coin Collectors of America launched its new Web site in May 2009. Many new features have been added to make it an informative and user-friendly hub for Carson City coin enthusiasts. Below are just three of the exciting new additions at www.carsoncitycoinclub.com:

The Auction Prices section provides representative auction prices realized for all of the 111 date/denomination combinations issued by the Carson City Mint. The examples listed have been certified by the major grading services, usually PCGS and NGC. These coins have appeared in sales conducted by major auction companies, usually Heritage, Stack's, Bowers and Merena, Superior, Ira and Larry Goldberg (Goldbergs), American Numismatic Rarities (ANR), and David Lawrence Rare Coins (DLRC).

Generally, a cross sampling of condition ratings has been used, in order to provide a wide range of pricing information. Occasionally, prices have been listed for examples of coins in the same grade. This was done to show that grades, even with the same point rating, are not always equal, thus the disparity in market value. Additionally, if there have been long gaps in time between the sales of these coins in the same grade, it can show how much the coin has appreciated in value.

The Curry's Chronicle section offers Carson City coin enthusiasts a "sneak-peek" into every issue of Curry's Chronicle published to date. Curry's Chronicle is the award-winning, quarterly journal of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America.

A color image of the front cover of all Curry's Chronicles is displayed in this section. Visitors can click on the image of a cover to view a complete table of contents for that issue. Within the table of contents, sample articles are available for viewing in PDF format.

The Carson City Coin-of-the-Week – 111-Week Project is a topic within the Discussion Board section of the club's Web site. Club members have teamed up to profile one new "CC" coin per week, in random order. All 111 of the different date/denomination combinations will be covered over the next two years, giving Web site visitors a peer-edited cyberpedia of all the coins produced at the Carson City Mint.

Discussion Board participants are urged to comment on each week's coin, and enthusiastic club members are encouraged to post their own coin of the week. This project requires a collaborative effort from members to ensure that no one posts a coin of the week out of turn. Scheduling for the posting of the coins is regulated by a four-man committee.

Information on becoming a member of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America is also available on the Web site at www.carsoncitycoinclub.com.


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