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Collecting Error Coins

“To err is human” – that’s probably the most widely used appeal for forgiveness by people when a mistake is made. For perfectionists, it’s an imperfect world of frustrating mistakes, wherein they demand precision. For others, mistakes are to be treasured, especially when you’re talking about collecting error coins.

The modern world is full of collectors. You can find absurd collections of unique and sometimes weird things. In the world of coin collecting, finding the most distinct and perfect-looking error coins is a specialized goal.

If you are new to coin collecting or just becoming interested in error coins, it might help to know a few things about error coins. For starters, there are three types of error coins – the mis-struck coins or usually referred to as mis-strikes, die errors and planchet errors.

Of these three error coins, the mis-strikes are the most popular. Mis-struck coins happen when coins are not properly pressed. You will notice that the captions and the images are misaligned. One form of mis-stricken error coins are the brockages. These are good subjects for coin collecting error coins.

When a coin does not get expelled from a press, a brockage coin is made. Instead of the original die impressing a raw coin, the unejected coin will act as the die thus creating a dull and imperfect mirrored cast on the coin. The effect is a sunken cast rather than raised. In some cases, coins get partial brockage. Although it’s nice to engage in coin collecting error coins, brockages are not sometimes unique. Since brockages happen by accident, there might probably be identical cases of brockage coins. It’s the rarity of the case though that makes brockage coins a collector’s item.

The off-center error coin is another form of mis-strikes. These odd-looking coins are characterized by the misalignment of the die. Not all off-centers though are desirable for collecting, so make sure to look for off-centered coins which still bear the date or at least half of the whole die.

Double-strikes are also great for collecting error coins. Double-strikes happen when a coin is struck by the press twice leaving a secondary cast with a preferred visibility of at most 50% of the coin. Like the off-center error coins, coin collecting error double-stricken coins with the date shown is most favored.

Whatever type of mis-strikes you choose, collecting error coins is definitely fun. Coins are like permanent stamps of historical records. Even more so with error coins, they’re rare reminders that machines, like humans, also make mistakes.

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