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Coin collectors are in for an eclectic and fascinating Numismatic odyssey when they turn the pages of the upcoming Coin Galleries September 10th Mail and Internet Bid Sale. Packed inside the hefty catalog of over 3,000 lots of coins, medals, tokens, Orders and Decorations, and paper money is an old-time collection of Ancient Greek and Roman coins; specialized offerings of Axumite and Ethiopian, Danish coins and Danish possessions; an extensive run of Russian coins; a host of Bryan Money; selections from the Michael Ringo Collection and much more.

Billowing the sails of the Ancient section is the Bay State Collection of Greek and Roman coins which was formed largely in the 1930s and 1940s. Among its broad spectrum of Roman Republican and Imperatorial coins is a very rare Oath-taking Denarius of the Marsic Confederation issued during the Social Wars (Lot 205), and an important Caesar Aureus Overstrike (Lot 287).

Greek highlights include a Celtic Gold Stater of the Veneti with its intriguing chariot drawn by a human-headed horse (Lot 501); a magnificent Rhegion Tetradrachm, struck ca. 415/410-387 B.C. (Lot 521); and a finely-styled Archaic Athenian Tetradrachm (Lot 578). Additional Roman Rarities include a Choice “Spanish Homage” Denarius of Gnaeus Pompey Junior as Imperator, struck in Corduba, 46-45 B.C. (Lot 654) and an Asia mint-issue Sestertius of Augustus, struck ca. 25 B.C. which features a superb portrait of the architect of the Roman Empire.

Following the Ancient section is a collection of Coins and Medals of Ethiopia. Here, collectors will joyfully find one of Coin Galleries largest offerings of Axumite coins to date (e.g. Lot 799), a pleasing selection of Menelik II coins, including Patterns and Ethiopian Medals (e.g. Lot 830, Lot 829).

Danish and DVI collectors, meanwhile, are in for a treat as they delve into the large World Coins segment which features an abundant grouping of Coins, Medals, Tokens, and Currency from Denmark and her former possessions, notably Greenland and the Danish West Indies. Among the stars here is an Extremely rare, high-grade and complete Øresund 1859-1865 Token Set from Greenland-possibly the best known (Lot 955); and a Brilliant Proof Danish West Indies 2 and 1 Franc, 1907 (Lot 988, Lot 989).

Fine runs of Rubles and gold, and a goodly number of Peter the Great, Anna, and Elizabeth issues mark the sale’s extensive Russian coins and Medals section. Highlights include a Choice 1720 Kadashevsky mint Ruble of Peter the Great (Lot 1272), a Rare Ivan III Poltina, 1741 (Lot 1313), an attractive pair of Paul I 5 Rubles (Lot 1358, Lot 1359) and a Provisional Government Civil War issue Order of St. Stanislas with swords (Lot 1450). The World Coin offering also boasts healthy German, British, and Polish sections (e.g. Lot 1048, Lot 1089, Lot 1245).

World Medals are well represented by some 207 lots led off by Cathedral and Architectural Medals by the prolific Jacques Wiener. Those interested in the Reformation will find a small but pleasing group of Martin Luther Medals, including a lovely 1717 Gotha Bicentennial of the Reformation Silver Medal with a splendid depiction of Luther’s beloved wife Catharina von Bora (Lot 1697). British Historical, German and Papal Medals, and Swiss Shooting Festival pieces also pepper the pages, along with Orders and Decorations, highlighted by a Napoleonic Order of the Iron Crown Chevalier’s Badge (Lot 1820).

The U.S. Medals section includes judicious sprinklings of Vernon and Betts Medals, Washingtonia, a handsome grouping of Life Saving Medals of Colorado-native Captain Frank Monroe Upton (e.g. Lot 1922), a rich array of Bryan Money, and Medals from the Collection of Henry George McCaughey.

Highlighting the U.S. Coin section (some 944 lots) is Selections from the Michael K. Ringo Collection of Contemporary Counterfeit English and Irish Halfpence, Part II. The first installment was very well received and collectors will equally delight in the rarities and varieties to be found here. Concluding the sale is a small, but engaging Paper Money offering, including 1866 Irish Republic notes and a Siege of Khartoum 20 Ghirsh, 1884.

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