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Auto on Back of $10 Note is a Composite
By Alan Herbert

What kind of car is pictured on the back of the $10 note?

The question of the make and model of the automobile on the back of the U.S. $10 notes has been a regular one virtually ever since the notes first were printed, in 1928. A considerable amount of misinformation has found its way into reference works along with the facts, which are these: The $10 notes in the series 1928 Gold Certificates, 1928 and later Federal Reserve Notes, 1929 Federal Reserve Bank Notes, and 1933, 1934, 1934A, 1934B, 1934C, 1934D and 1953 Silver Certificates all bear the same back design. It depicts an auto on the street near the Treasury building. The auto has over the years been incorrectly identified as a Hupmobile and several other then-current makes of cars. Both the U.S. Treasury and Krause Publications staff experts, who produce Old Cars Weekly, are in complete agreement that the car is a composite, made of parts from several different cars, and does not represent any specific make or model.

Didnít the British use counterfeiting as a weapon during the Revolutionary War?

The British attempted several times to wreck the economy. In 1779 a British ship was captured off New Jersey with millions in fake Continental currency and a printing press. Another million dollars was captured from British troops at Sandy Hook, N.J. Another ship with more than 100 million in fake Continentals escaped. Most of the counterfeits were printed in Scotland.

Iíve seen suggestions that the $2 bill was somehow involved in a major counterfeiting scheme during World War II. Any truth to the story?

Quite a bit. Just as it did with the British currency, Nazi Germany tried to flood the United States with counterfeit notes by way of Mexico. It faked all the denominations except the $2 note. When the scheme was detected, a secret agreement was reached with Mexico that then outlawed all denominations of U.S. currency except the $2 note and coins, with all others to be turned in. The countermeasures were successful, and the fakes were stopped cold.


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