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Counterfeit Detection - Die Struck 1909-S VDB Cent



This die struck counterfeit of a 1909-S VDB cent was published by ANACS in the February 1982 issue of The Numismatist, and is published in Counterfeit Detection Volume II, ©1988 American Numismatic Association, page 37. In that volume this very deceptive struck counterfeit is called "one of the most dangerous and deceptive counterfeits ever produced in any coinage series."

As you can see from the image, every quality of genuine 1909-S VDB cent is reproduced accurately on this counterfeit coin. There are some characteristics that are specific to this counterfeit, and which are noted in The Numismatist article and visible in the image of the counterfeit coin:

A long, thin depression on the rim parallel to the edge above the I in IN

A small diagonal depression in the rim above the E in WE

A large depression parallel to Lincoln's coat lapel

The reverse of the coin is practically flawless,
however a diagnostic not reported in the 1982
article or reprint is a small depression in the
O of ONE from 2 to 3 o'clock.

Not visible on this image are what are described as a "crisscross pattern" of lines on the edge of the coin.

The ANACS author, unnamed in the published article, concluded his observation with these words, "This cent, an outstanding example of the counterfeiter's art, is also an excellent example of the fact that no matter how good a counterfeit is, in all probability it will eventually be discovered."

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