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De-Hoarding Affects Morgans
By Harry Miller

Morgan dollars, while overall relatively strong, have had definite downward pressure on the generic Gem issues, as well as the more readily available Carson City issues. This is evidenced by common date MS-65 issues at a new lower price of $133 and the 1882 to 84 CC trio down in MS60 thru MS64. The scarcer 1885-CC has also joined in with minor declines.

The 1893-S has again shown declines in the mid to lower circulated grades as well. We are experiencing some de-hoarding during these trying economic times. Two other issues that have been affected are the 1903 and 1904 San Francisco mint issues; these might be a good buy at this time as fresh original coins are not readily available.

Peace dollars have shown some weakness in the higher grades with noticeable adjustments in 1924-S 1927-S and 1921, while the 1928 Philadelphia has shown a minor gain in Unc.

Proof and mint sets have several minor changes, with the only significant one being the 1940 proof set. On an issue this scarce, one or two sets offered of probable off quality can cause a market disruption and quite possibly a buying opportunity on a nice quality set. The rest of this area shows normal trading with some added strength in several later date silver sets.


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