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The American Numismatic Association (ANA) announced that ANA Money Museum Curator Douglas Mudd would be discussing the history, design and current use of the $1 bill on the Fox Business Network. This is the embedded video supplied by the Fox Business Network.

What do the symbols and numbers on the dollar bill actually mean? This video takes a look at the shadier and more intriguing threads of meaning and symbolism at play in the bill's design. Extraordinary strands of numerology are interwoven into the bill's structure, which, on analysis, suggest surprising hidden alignments. Why does it look the way it does and how has it changed through the ages?

We'll analyze the significance of changes in the bill's appearance over time and examine alternative designs. We'll also look at the historical context of the bill's conception--what the dollar bill set out to represent--the patriotism and idealism of a young republic; and go inside the Treasury's Department of Printing and Engraving for exclusive access to the presses and the people who process the millions upon millions of dollars in circulation.

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