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Walt Disney World Works with Mint to Change Currency
by Walt Disney World

Via its new blog, Walt Disney World has announced that it is participating in a pilot program to enter US $1 coins into circulation from retail and dining locations in Epcot’s American Adventure and Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square.
Quoting it as a move towards the Disney-coined environmentality iniative, the coins will be distributed in lieu of ‘paper’ dollar bills as change.
The coin is a first in a series of Native American dollars initiated by The Native American $1 Coin Act (Public Law 110-82). Released in January of 2009, the coin features Sacagawea on the front with a annually-rotating design on the reverse. The 2009 coin features a woman planting seeds using the ‘Three Sisters’ method, which grows corn, beans and squash together to enhance productivity of each of the plants. The 2010 coin, for which the final design has not yet been decided/announced, will pay tribute to the Iroquois Confederation.
US $1 coins are certainly not new, but they have repeatedly failed to make a dent in replacing the dollar bill in circulation. In 2007, the US Mint introduced a series of coins based on U.S. Presidents which will continue through 2016.
In 1987, Canada completely replaced its paper $1 bill with a $1 coin which has earned the nickname ‘loonie’ based on the appearance of the common loon in its design. The country subsequently also replaced its $2 bill with a coin, which is nicknamed the ‘toonie.’ Interestingly enough, the U.S. still maintains the $2 bill in circulation, although it’s not printed nearly as much and is probably even more rare than the $1 coin.


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