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Fanning Numismatic Literature Auction
Posted By David F. Fanning

David F. Fanning Numismatic Literature will hold their third mail-bid auction of numismatic literature, closing on Thursday, December 3. The auction features a wide variety of material from around the world, including works from the libraries of John J. Ford, Jr. and Douglas Ball. Some highlights of the nearly 700 lots include:

F.C.C. Boyd Inventories of His Connecticut and New Jersey Coppers, with Additional Notes Pertaining to Continental Currency Dollars and Immune Columbia Pieces

1836 Manuscript Court Records of a Counterfeiting Case with the Bad Bill in Question Attached

Correspondence from John J. Ford and Paul Franklin

1795 Supplementary Mint Act Signed in Ink by Secretary of State Edmund Randolph, Establishing Position of Melter and Refiner, Authorizing Reduction in Weight of Cents and Half Cents, and Providing for Their Distribution

Third and Fifth Edition Red Books Inscribed by Yeoman to Contributor Hubert Polzer

John J. Ford, Jr.’s Set of Inscribed Red Books

The Very Scarce 1917 ANA Sale, Signed by Cataloguer Wayte Raymond

A Complete Set of Hardcover Ford Catalogues (Stack’s)

ANS Library Catalogue, Complete in 11 Volumes, Including the Rare Third Supplement

The First 40 Volumes of the Canadian Numismatic Journal

A Substantial Run of Spink’s Numismatic Circular

Quarto Charpentier on the Medals of Louis XIV
18th-Century Lima Mint Ordinances

Meili on the Paper Money of Brazil

A Remarkable Archive of Manuscript Notes and Plates on Medieval France

Illustrated hard-copy catalogues have been printed and sent to regular customers. A PDF of the catalogue can be downloaded immediately from the firm’s Web site at www.fanningbooks.com. To request a copy of the printed catalogue, please contact David Fanning at dfanning@columbus.rr.com (only a handful of copies are still available). For more information, or to view the catalogue online, see www.fanningbooks.com.


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