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Finest Roosevelt Dimes Collection Auction
By Superior Galleries

DGSE Companies, Inc. , announces that Superior Galleries’ is offering “The Just Having Fun Collection” of Roosevelt dimes for their January 2009 Elite Rare Coin Auction immediately preceding the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) convention. This is believed to be the finest collection of silver Roosevelt dimes ever assembled, and will include the 48 coins currently in the #1 PCGS silver Roosevelt dime Registry set of “Justhavingfun” (“JHF”) as well as more than 60 additional PCGS and NGC superlative silver Roosevelt dimes also part of the JHF collection.

The JHF collection of silver Roosevelt dimes which will be auctioned off in January has a rich history behind them. When the PCGS Set Registry was in its infancy stage in 1999 (literally consisting of a paperback book prepared once a year with nothing online), Mitchell Spivack registered the #1 set of silver Roosevelt dimes. That same year, Steven Heller registered the #3 set of dimes. The dimes that were part of Spivack’s #1 finest registry set of 1999 were collected by him throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In 2000, Spivack’s silver Roosevelt dime collection was consolidated with Heller’s set and he agreed to continue to assist Heller with improving the collection from there. After a few years of improving the set even further, the entire collection was then sold to the current owner of the JHF collection, who has been registering the set as the #1 collection at PCGS for the past four years. In addition, during the past 10 years, another avid Roosevelt dime collector, Nick Cascio, assembled a top quality set of silver Roosevelt dimes, which was eventually purchased and also became part of the JHF collection. The JHF collection represents what is now the finest collection of silver Roosies ever – a collection which spans 3 decades of pursuing the most beautifully toned and fully struck silver examples available.

Paul Song, Senior Vice President of Auctions is working closely with Mitchell Spivack JHF’s agent regarding this landmark sale. Spivack had this to say on behalf of himself and the JHF collection:

“We are delighted to have Superior handling this auction consignment for us. Many coins in this collection range from nicely toned to some of the most amazingly toned silver Roosevelt dimes (or frankly any 20th century silver toned coins) out there. Superior’s outstanding photographic techniques have the ability to capture and reproduce the colors of these great coins. They have agreed to prepare a special separate full color auction catalog to showcase this great collection. It should be a great event and the special catalog Superior is preparing will contain relevant pedigree information for future generations of Roosevelt dime collectors to enjoy.”

Selected highlights of this important collection will be on display at Superior’s upcoming Santa Clara Sale, November 13, 2008, and at the Baltimore Convention November 20-22, 2008. The date of Superior’s Orlando Elite Coin Auction is January 4, 2009. For further information, contact Paul Song, Senior Vice President of Auctions, info@sgbh.com , or call 800-545-1001.

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