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First sale of large cents in Dan Holmes Collection realizes $15.08+ million
by coinworldtrends.com

The Early Date cents represent the issues from 1793 through 1814.

The highlight of the auction in terms of price was the finest of seven known 1795 Liberty Cap, Reeded Edge cents, Sheldon 79 (Penny Whimsy by William H. Sheldon), which sold for $1,265,000 including the 15 percent buyer's fee. (See related articles on Pages 1 and 5.)

The Holmes example, the first U.S. large cent to reach $1 million, is graded Very Good 10 by Professional Coin Grading Service.

The entire Holmes collection is being offered by Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctions of Beverly Hills, in association with McCawley & Grellman Numismatic Auctions of Frisco, Texas, and Altamonte Springs, Fla.

The collection represents the most complete large cent collection by date and die variety ever formed either publicly or privately.

The collection lacks only the unique 1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath cent, Noncollectible 5 variety, impounded in the American Numismatic Society museum, and one Late Date coin, the unique Newcomb 42 1851 Coronet cent, for completeness.

All 302 die varieties that Sheldon enumerated in Penny Whimsy were represented in the auction. In addition, the auction contained 52 of the 53 known "noncollectible" die varieties for the series, including seven unique NCs.

The proceeds from the sale of two auction lots are to benefit the ANS and the American Numismatic Association's Young Numismatist Program.

Larry Hanks, from Hanks & Associates Inc. in El Paso, Texas, paid $6,325 for one of 10 22-karat gold tokens representing a modified version of the NC-5 variety. Rather than the inscription one cent, the token bears dan / holmes / sale, and instead of the denomination represented as the fraction 1/100, the token bears the auction date, 9-6/ 2009.

The $6,325 will be forwarded to the ANS to support its programs.

The ANA's YN program will benefit from the $11,500 that New York dealer Tony Terranova paid for one of five "super-deluxe" copies of the Holmes auction catalog in full morroccan leather. It is the only one of the five copies to be made available to the public.

The sellers plan three more auctions, each focusing on a specific segment of Holmes' large cent collection. The tentative dates for the remaining auctions are: Middle Date cents, those from 1816 to 1839, May 30, 2010; large cent errors and ephemera, September 2010; and Late Date cents, 1840 to 1857, February 2011.

To obtain a catalog from the Sept. 6 Dan Holmes Collection auction, call Goldberg's at (800) 978-2646.

For other information, contact Goldberg Auctions at 350 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 350, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, or telephone the firm at (310) 551-2646 or (800) 978-2646. Contact McCawley & Grellman Auctions at P.O. Box 5250, Frisco, TX 75034, or via telephone at (972) 668-1575 or e-mail at cmccawley@aol.com; or at P.O. Box 161055, Altamonte Springs, FL 32716, or call (407) 682-9592.

Some highlights:

1793 Flowing Hair, Chain, ameri. cent, Sheldon 1, PCGS About Uncirculated 58, $368,000.
1793 Flowing Hair, Chain, america cent, S-2, PCGS Mint State 63 brown, $402,500.
1793 Flowing Hair, Chain, Widest liberty, america cent, NC-1, only example of two known pieces available to collectors, Basal State 1+, $28,750.
1793 Flowing Hair, Chain, america cent, S-3, PCGS MS-63 brown, AU-50+, $253,000.
1793 Flowing Hair, Chain, Periods, america cent, S-4, removed from a Numismatic Guaranty Corp. slab with a grade of AU-50 brown, Very Fine 35, $80,500.
1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath, Strawberry Leaf, cent, one cent centered, NC-2, PCGS Fair 2, $264,500.
1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath, Strawberry Leaf, cent, one cent high, NC-3, PCGS Good 4, $218,500.
1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath, Large Date and liberty cent, S-5, PCGS MS-65 brown, MS-63 prooflike, $264,500.
1793 Liberty Cap, Wreath cent, bisected obverse, S-14, PCGS AU-55, Extremely Fine 45, $506,000.
1794 Liberty Cap cent, S-45, PCGS MS-65 red and brown, $184,000.
1794 Liberty Cap, Starred Reverse cent, S-48, PCGS Very Fine 30, $212,750.
1794 Liberty Cap, Missing Fraction Bar cent, S-64, PCGS MS-64 red and brown, $172,500.
1796 Draped Bust cent, S-110, PCGS MS-66 brown, MS-65, $178,250.
1798/7 Draped Bust, Style I Hair cent, S-151, PCGS MS-62 brown, $103,500.
1799/8 Draped Bust cent, S-188, PCGS EF-45, $368,000.
1799 Draped Bust cent, S-189, regraded and encapsulated by PCGS MS-61 after being cataloged originally at NGC MS-62 brown, $977,500.
1801 Draped Bust cent, S-217, PCGS AU-50, $94,875.
1804 Draped Bust cent, S-266c, PCGS MS-63 brown, only certified Mint State 1804 cent, $661,250.
1811/10 Classic Head cent, S-286, AU-55, $66,125.
1811 Classic Head cent, S-287, PCGS MS-66 red and brown, $89,125.
Sheldon's 66-piece color set of six Colonial coppers and 60 large cents in custom display case, illustrating wide range of colors, sold intact to Holmes by Sheldon on March 31, 1976, various grades, $37,950.


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