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Fractional Eagles Set Off Buyer Scramble
By Numismatic News

Intense demand from the marketplace cleaned the U.S. Mint out of fractional 2009 gold American Eagle bullion coins when they went on sale to the Mint’s authorized purchaser network Dec. 3.

By Dec. 4 the Mint said every piece it had made was gone.

The tenth-ounce coins registered the highest number of sales. A total of 260,000 pieces were sold.

The quarter-ounce came in at 58,000 pieces and the half-ounce at 56,000 coins.

The Mint expects to make some additional 2009-dated fractional gold coins by the middle of December, but because these supplies will also likely prove insufficient, the Mint is rationing quantities, or in its parlance, it is using its standard allocation process, which was initially used August 2008 to 2009 for the one-ounce gold coins.

“Additional inventory is being produced based on available in-house blank supplies.” U.S. Mint Director of Public Affairs Tom Jurkowsky said.

“We anticipate that we will allocate these coins until at least the end of December 2009 on a weekly basis,” he said.


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