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Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint
By CoinLink

Douglas Winter is regarded today as one of the leading industry experts in U.S. branch mint gold coins. His newest book, releasing in December 2008, is the updated and revised edition of Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint: 1838-1861. Quoted by Jeff Ambio, author of the Strategy Guide series, as

“…a masterpiece from an author who has already demonstrated his expertise on 19th century United States gold coinage on numerous occasions. This new edition is a… definitive study that belongs in the library of all serious numismatic researchers and Southern gold experts.”

–Jeff Ambio, author of the Strategy Guide series

A significant number of changes and improvements have been implemented into this third edition. Using layout designs similar to his previously released New Orleans and Dahlonega Mint books, this revised edition of the Charlotte Mint book is also easy to follow and more enjoyable to read. High quality full color photos beautifully illustrate every coin and the newly improved die variety section now has outstanding close-up images of many important varieties.

All figures on population, rarity rankings, total values by grade and significant examples have been updated to reflect the latest market information available today, including a complete rarity summary chart at the end of each chapter.

For the historian, two chapters written about the history of the Charlotte Mint by David Ginsburg are included, and finally, Winter’s personal tips and strategies on how to collect C-mint gold coins guide the reader. Whether the collector is looking to buy one or two pieces or to complete a set, Winter’s suggestions offer an invaluable resource no matter what the budget or goal of the collector.

Pre-order this book today from bookstores nationwide, Amazon.com or your local coin shop. Also available from Zyrus Press: PO Box 17810, Irvine, CA 92623. Phone: (888) 622-7823. Web: Stay up-to-date! Visit www.zyruspress.com. E-mail: info@zyruspress.com.

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