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Harmonious Happy Talk Abounds
by Roger Roger Wiegand

We say its time for truth-telling and know exactly where to find it. I have been blessed having numerous good friends and knowing some very canny analysts in this business that refuse to sink into the government’s media-driven Pinocchio land. These are professionals, and I like to count myself among them, that present excellent opinions derived from reality found in realistic fundamentals and technical work. We will not sugarcoat daily news as regularly force-fed to a majority of Sheeple investors. Harmony and happiness is a good thing but not when it’s rigged, phony and biased, dumped on innocent by-standers trading and investing with their life savings.

Fascist-Socialists And Unbridled Welfare

This phase sounds like a pretty wifty expression representing dissimilar descriptions of our current political system. The fascists are typically expected to be from the extreme right engaged in a merger of state and business leadership picking clean the Sheeple’s bones.

The leftist socialists hold political power and use it to control the production of goods and distribute them with a welfare-style agenda. What we see today in American government is the worst of both worlds.

The current administration and in reality some before it, have an unnatural cozy union of corporations, The Federal Reserve, New York Banksters and The U.S. Treasury all believing fiscal-monetary incest is best when mutually practiced among this nasty cabal of thieves.

Along with this dubious gang are their minions and allies including think tanks, union leaders, educational institutions and variety of other alleged philosophical hangers-on desperately seeking to grab goodies from the poor and broken taxpayer honey pot. They just love to tell us how to live and how to take our money and spend it where they see fit. You are told to simply sit down and shut-up. If you don’t like; it that’s too bad. Be careful as the bureaurat thought police are watching and will correct your thinking for you as you cannot do it yourself, your being so stupid.

Our founding fathers had the wisdom to foresee these evolutionary events and were determined to stop them using language within the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Problem is our current pack of criminal jackals have basically renounced these precious documents and taken the law into their own hands. Justice is for the rich and the rich are connected to the Fascist-Socialists.

We say Socialism is a rampant, degenerative social disease more wicked and evil than most envision. Fascism is the tool, which apparently slipped into American government when they married Big Business years ago as told to us in the book “Economic Hit Man.”

The voices of freedom in America remain strong in our view and we all know who they are and from whence they come. However, being the pragmatic practical person I am; I think it’s too late to stop the forces of evil as they’ve run our beloved USA and global finances into the ground. The US Dollar and bonds have long ago left port and cannot be saved. They are sinking into this sea of Fascist-Socialism morass.

Chopper Ben and Timmy the G. are grossly engaged in an orgy of bond and dollar origination burying the entire world. As the dollar is a reserve currency for 85% of the world-the world, to put it bluntly, (here comes more truth again) is screwed. These economic-monetary village idiots have obviously been reading too much FDR and somebody’s else’s Manifesto.

We are into being very positive despite our regular rancorous rants on these topics. This one however, leaves no hope it seems to us, until it all blows-up in a cacophony of failures and repudiation of bad debts.

Germany went through it in the early 1920’s and survived. Not only have they learned these hard lessons but are trying desperately to not go there again. We say today’s Germany is dragged down by the USA’s stupid impudence and imprudence as they are part of the world global financial system, too.

Here Is A Nasty Dose Of Truthful Reality

American consumers are the driver of the USA’s economy and they are toast. Not only that but the administration is determined to bust them down even lower with a myriad of taxes in a greedy let’s take everything.

The United States of America is bankrupt. And not just a little bit either. We are without a doubt in the fiscal sewer.

Middle Eastern Wars are bleeding the Treasury dry. Even drier if that’s even possible.

There is no leadership from the adolescents in Washington and not just the president either. Our congress is beyond pathetic. In this absence of any leadership, America is on the rocks and totally out of control.

Obama shouldered aside Israel in favor of his Muslim friends and now Israel must go it alone against Iran and they will do so in a last-stand self-defense. Hello $300 crude oil as the Straits of Hormez is blocked.

The Asians including China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and India have had up to you know where being choked on American toilet paper known as US Dollars and Bonds. Adios USA government financing. These buyers are running away in fear.

There are 34 million Americans on food stamps and this number is rising so fast many are starving before they can get the approvals for these stamps.

Bank failures in the USA and other parts of the world appear like dandelions in your summer lawn. By the end of 2009 and into the first quarter of 2010 we’ll see over 1,000 of them with numbers climbing unabated.

Cash for Clunkers was real clunker. One out of four auto buyers using this program is having buyers remorse as they just signed-up for so many new payments they cannot afford.

The geezers getting social security were told this week that in 2010 they will not receive any COLA or cost of living adjustments in their pensions. We suppose if Obama cannot kill them off fast enough with the death panels he can starve them to death using a Social In-Security Subterfuge.

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security funds are drowned in red ink. Soon it’s every Geezer for him or her self.

The Fascist-Socialist force-fed stock market peaks next month just after the cabal sells into strength. This will not be a very happy day. Hello crash city.

But wait, after the fall crash, the cabal will pump it up again from October 31 and on into 2010 with a massive, feverish, infection of inflation. Then they’ll pat you on your little Sheeple head and tell you come on down and buy some more shares. As the shares water is so obviously warm and fine.

Those best-selling economist fiction writers tell us GDP will be +4% next year and we better be worried about when Benny raises interest rates. Let me tell ya; the rates will not be raised as this would blow-up markets in seconds. We’ll go into inflation; then hyperinflation and then presto all our mutually-assured weapons of debt destruction can vanish in a puff of loser-vapor. Then these naughty boys can do it all over again. After all, they got your TARP tax money from Paulson and the Kids. They’ve got the vigorish for funding and implementation of new wild and reckless markets and trading.

All governments federal, state and local are going broke. Taxes must be increased so the government employees can keep their standard of living which is 150% of yours; you stupid Sheeple.

Housing, the other consumers’ economic engine is fried. Sure foreclosures are switching ownership chairs but reality says we get a minimum of 3-5 more years of disaster with a valuation national average being -30% lower.

One-third of USA manufacturing capacity is idle. The good jobs have been shipped overseas. We can’t bring them back as even if we did consumers cannot afford to buy USA manufactured products. They are broke and going broker. Watch for one-half of all US factories going idle and the rest on part-time work days. Enter stage left The Great Depression Number Two. FDR would be wetting his pants with unabashed glee.

Financials crashed in fall 2008 with Lehman. Recovery began with TARP May, 2009: During this month of August, 2009 we’ll have more of a dead cat bounce ahead with a big smash in Mid-September. While precious metals and their shares are off this August 27, 2009, for the intermediate term (beginning next October 31) the trend reverses and moves to rallies.

Keep in mind, if you own paid for stuff it will most likely remain in your hands; not in somebody else’s. That includes gold and silver.

Do not get tangled-up in daily noise. Keep studying the larger view and buy precious metals after each profit-taking correction. Headwinds are building into an economic hurricane. Take care of business right now. My dire fall prediction might surprise us and arrive earlier. Time is short.

Personally, I can see unbelievable opportunities to trade that we would never see again for many years. Turn these problems into opportunities. Those on the right side of the trade might get rich. Those on the other side are just victims. Stay Alert.


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