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History of Gold and Silver at New Site

As Gold prices broke $1000 an ounce and trend upward, it's past time to study this free on line History of Gold and Silver. Get organized information from Wikipedia about everything from the use of Gold and Silver as money, to modern day buying and selling, along with quotes of the American Founding Fathers and verses from The Book. "We're looking for a minimum on gold of $2,950 and silver at a 15 to 1 ratio at about $256," says Roger Wiegand, the "buy and sell guy" from Tradertracks, in an early April, 2008 interview in the AU Report.

Waco, TX (PRWEB) April 15, 2008 -- History of Gold and Silver (www.historyofgoldandsilver.org) is a new web site portal to information for the novice investor, which should be read before purchasing precious metals in coin or bullion. Learn the language of Gold and Silver. Equip yourself with information from historical perspectives and become literate about buying and selling.

Artist, Ray Istre, built this web site portal to information on the History of Gold and Silver. "I wanted to share my fascination with this subject in light of the days in which we are living," Istre says, continuing, "We have plenty of convenient links to information that will help anyone become literate on the History of Gold and Silver."

Learn how precious metals have been found and desired by every major culture around the world from the first ancient discoveries in the creek beds of Eastern Europe, to the geological evaluations used for underground discovery in Nevada today.

See Gold and Silver used in art, as money and for medicinal purposes. Research Gold and Silver as an investment and learn where to buy it. Use Gold and Silver as a hedge against inflation and learn how to store it.

Learn about coin collecting. See what "Legal Tender" is. Why do they call it "Sterling Silver"? Where is Fort Knox? Read everything The Book has to say about Gold and Silver. All these things and more are found in this interesting and timely study, History of Gold and Silver.

"For as long as mankind has looked upward, the sky has been there and it has been blue. In the psychological makeup of man, the color blue relates to dependability. Banks use the color blue in business logos as a subliminal advertising technique to project dependability," Istre says, continuing, "I know this from being in the business of advertising art."

Istre admits to being a novice at Gold and Silver, which puts him in league with most Americans. From his 'novice' mind, he wonders, "If bankers were as dependable as the blue sky, would the FDIC have been necessary?" The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is the tax payer funded insurance corporation that bails out bank account holders when banks go bankrupt. "Think of the recent Federal Reserve bailout of Bear Stearns which left taxpayers footing the bill while fat cat bankers continue to enjoy their luxurious lifestyle," Istre says.

As long as the sky is blue, Gold and Silver will be money while paper currency may or may not be money at some point in the near future. Learn the difference between Gold and Silver and paper currency here. See that Gold and Silver has been accepted as money long before the Chinese invented paper money.

Consider quotes from the Founding Fathers of America. They warned Patriotic Americans about the banking institutions. They wrote in the Constitution of the United States that government issued money was to be only in Gold and Silver. Read it for yourself, here.

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Have you ever heard the expression, 'The Sky Is Falling?' Well, maybe the 'Bankers Sky' but probably not the sky we all know and depend on being blue. Learn the History of Gold and Silver now.

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