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Initial Eagle Sales Top 2.4 Million
By Numismatic News

Authorized buyers took 2,440,000 silver American Eagles from the U.S. Mint Jan. 19, the first day that the 2010-dated coins were made available to the market.

Also available on the same day for the first time this year were 2010-dated gold American Eagles. Authorized buyers snapped up 30,500 of those coins.

In addition, gold buyers purchased 18,500 2009-dated gold American Eagles. The Mint had 51,000 left when the new 2010 date went on sale. Buyers are required to take one 2009-dated gold coin for every 2010 gold coin they buy.

Demand for the 2009 gold coin must still be fairly good because buyers took more than the minimum required.

There were still 32,500 of the 2009 gold American Eagles waiting to be sold.

Only authorized purchasers can buy these coins directly from the Mint. They in turn sell them to the secondary market where investors, collectors and dealers can make their purchases.

The bullion American Eagles do not have a mintmark on them.


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