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Krugerrand gold bullion coins

Historically, one of the best selling world gold coins are the Krugerrand gold bullion coins. Over the decades, they've been among the most successful gold coins in the history of modern gold bullion coins.

Krugerrand gold coins are unique in that they have no "face value" and trade at a premium over the daily gold price. As low priced gold bullion coins, their outstanding benefits include:

Official Specifications:

• Guaranteed Gold Content - Each Krugerrand gold coin in this release contains 1 troy ounce of pure gold.

• Minted in 22 Carat Solid Gold - The Krugerrand gold coins are made of a durable 22 carat alloy, an exact amount of pure gold plus a little copper to reduce wear and scratches.

• Beautiful Design Features - The reverse of Krugerrands depict a Springbok, the national animal of South Africa, bears the date of mintage and the exact gold content.

• Easy to Sell Anytime - The Krugerrand gold coin is the most highly recognizable form of gold bullion coinage and offers you instant liquidity worldwide when you're ready to sell.

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