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Largest Silver Roman Hits Block
By World Coin News

A previously unrecorded Roman piece that is the largest known silver Roman coin will be up for auction at the Ira and Larry Goldberg Coins and Collectibles Pre-Long Beach Sale slated for May 24-27.

The apparently unique coin of Valentinian I (364-375 C.E.) is dated 369 C.E. from the Mint of Antioch. It was presumably struck for the quinquennial celebration on Feb. 25, 369 C.E., and was said to be found with the Priscus Attalus silver coin.

At 66 mm, the coin weighs in at 104.30 grams. At 0.31 of a Roman pound, it surpasses the Priscus Attalus (.25 pound) as the largest known Roman silver coin by one-third.

The exact denomination is elusive. Experts suggest it is either a 48 siliquae or a 24 miliaresia.

Collections of interest to ancient and world coin collectors will be The Christov Family Collection of Byzantine Coinage, The Stanley Yulish Collection of Coins of the Holy Land, and a multi-million dollar collection of Greek and Roman coins.

The million-dollar British gold collection includes one of the finest groups of 5-guineas ever to appear at public auction, from Charles II through Anne, most with the elephant and castle provenance mark.

The sale will include more than 1,000 lots of Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins without reserves.

Catalogs will be available May 1. Collectors in the U.S. may call (800) 978-2646 to order for $15. Internationally shipped catalogs cost $40.

View the virtual catalog online for free at www.goldbergcoins.com. No log-in or membership is necessary.


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