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Louisa Adams gold coin considered rarest
by commodityonline.com

The Louisa Adams editions of the US Mint's First Spouse gold coin range may be the rarest so far. According to Coin News, the 24-c pieces - sales of which stop yesterday could become hard to find as comparatively few have been bought since they went on sale.

Figures from the Mint showed that as of Sunday June 28th, 4,223 of the uncirculated coins and 6,950 of the proof examples had been purchased since the items became available 13 months ago.

The coins are part of a range first launched in 2007, which depict presidents' wives. They are to be withdrawn from sale and replaced by the 2009 Letitia Tyler First Spouse gold coins, one of the five examples due for release this year.

Other first ladies that have been commemorated in the series include Elizabeth Monroe, Martha Washington and Abigail Adams.


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