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Market rests before ANA
By Steve Roach

Many dealers and collectors take a well-deserved break from their numismatic pursuits during mid-June through late July.

Two major summer shows – the recently completed MidAmerica Coin Expo in Schaumburg, Ill., and the upcoming Summer Florida United Numismatists show in Palm Beach – provide venues for restless dealers and collectors.

The auctions for these shows are decidedly modest; mere appetizers to the upcoming ANA juggernaut.

The ANA show is officially from Aug. 5 to 9, although most of the industry "players" will be in California at least a week before that to participate in the pre-ANA auctions where thousands of lots will be offered.

These auctions include Stack's on July 30, Heritage from July 31 to Aug. 2, with Bowers and Merena hosting the official ANA auctions Aug. 2 to 8.

With so many coins to evaluate and examine with these auctions, combined with the ANA convention's nearly two weeks of constant activity, one can see why the market slows down in early summer.

Even local coin clubs often focus more on their summer picnic than the auction and trading forum that accompanies each meeting.

Auction houses are responding to the summer slumber in different ways. Teletrade has widely publicized, "Beat the heat with cool cash from Teletrade," offering sellers discounted seller's fees for consign-ments before July 31.

Conversely, Heritage has recently increased its minimum buyer's fee from $9 to $14 per lot, a move that will affect many collectors who participate in its three-weekly Internet sales.

Even eBay has offered casual sellers an incentive for placing auction-style listings, with a new structure that provides sellers no list-ing fees for five items every 30 days combined with reduced final value fees.

When combined with a new pilot eBay program that provides buyer incentives and the recently revised Bing cashback program from Microsoft, those who may have eschewed eBay for its cost may find reasons to return.

Online auctions let collectors stay active, even when the market takes a well-deserved breather.


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