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Mint Resumes Gold Eagle Sales
By CoinNews.net

Overwhelming demand forced the United States Mint to suspend one-ounce American Eagle gold coin sales to their network of Authorized Purchasers on August 17.

The suspension of the investment gold coins has been lifted — at least on a limited basis, according to a U.S. Mint memo to its authorized dealers on August 22.

“The unprecedented demand for American Eagle gold one-ounce bullion coins necessitates our allocating these coins among the authorized purchasers on a weekly basis until we are able to meet demand."

Reuters’ Frank Tang wrote Monday,

The Mint said that it will equally divide its Eagles inventory available for sale each week into two equal pools, with the first allocated equally among all authorized dealers, and the second pool distributed according to the dealers’ past sales performance.

Fractional American Eagle gold coins — outside the one-ounce weight — were not suspended. Nor were fractional American Buffalo gold coins.

In addition, collector versions of the Mint gold coins did not suffer suspension, although the decline in gold prices without a similar coin price reduction has resulted in much higher premiums for collectors to assume.

American Eagle platinum collector coins were pulled in early August for price adjustments, and have not yet returned to the Mint’s online catalog.

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