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Mint debuts Indiana Lincoln cent near family farm
by Rich Davis

The U.S. Mint will introduce its new "Indiana" penny depicting Abraham Lincoln's Hoosier years at 10 a.m. May 14 at the Lincoln Amphitheatre, near the homestead where Lincoln grew up.

The design on the tails side of the penny shows Lincoln as a young man reading a book while taking a break from rail splitting.

The new coins will be distributed to children ages 18 and under in attendance.

Rolls of never-circulated pennies featuring the new design will be available after the ceremony. Visitors will be able to purchase a minimum of two rolls or a maximum of six, although the latter number is subject to change.

The obverse (heads) of the redesigned Lincoln penny will continue to bear sculptor Victor David Brenner's likeness of President Lincoln, introduced in 1909.

The designs being released this year honor Lincoln's birth 200 years ago and to mark the release of the original Lincoln penny 100 years ago.

Each coin represents a different state and period in Lincoln's life. A coin honoring Kentucky, where he was born near Hodgenville, was released in February.

Indiana's coin marks the 16th president's Indiana years, from 1816 to 1830. Illinois and Washington, D.C., coins will follow in three-month intervals.


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