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New CNA Name Approved
By Mario Cywinski

During the Canadian Numismatic Association's (CNA) annual convention, a funny thing happened, the association decided to change its name.

At the CNA's annual general meeting, the membership decided by over two-thirds majority (earlier in the week) that the name should be changed.

Only around seven people in the room opposed the motion for the change.

As a result, the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA) was established, and the emblem for the association will now change.

To help cover much of the unusual costs of the name change, an anonymous member has come forward with a handsome donation.

The RCNA's website will be www.rcna.ca, however, it is not yet online.

While the name change was the main topic of conversation at the meeting, other elements were covered as well. Namely, the addition of around 300 new members in the last year to the CNA/RCNA.

However, the total amount of members has dropped slightly from last year to this year (1,665 to 1,615) as a result of varying factors.

Annual reports were also in full swing at the meeting as the everything seems to be doing just fine, including finance, the journal and club services.

One topic that sparked much debate was the use of various formats in the CNA Library.

Varying views arose as those who support having various items on DVD, pointed out that the cost of using powerpoint would be too great, as a computer and projector are needed. While DVDs only need a TV and DVD player.

Feedback is encouraged to help the RCNA accommodate everyone as best they can.

It was also announced that the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) will continue to create the convention medals for the RCNA.

In turn, new dies will need to be created by the RCM to accommodate the change in the name.

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