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New Gold Coin Type Discovered
By World Coin News

A previously unpublished gold quarter stater was unearthed in July by a metal detectorist in east Kent in England, according to Chris Rudd of Celtic Coins.

The coin was struck 2,000 years ago by a king of the Cantiaci tribe, whose name means "people of the corner land," Rudd said. It was issued by Eppillus, Celtic for "little horse," who ruled south of the river Thames early in the 1st century A.D. His kingdom apparently included Calleva, which is modern Silchester, north Hampshire, as well as Durovernum, which is modern Canterbury, Kent.

The letters COM.F on the obverse, short for Commii filius, indicate that Eppillus claimed to be a son of Commios, a former ally of Julius Caesar who crossed the Channel to establish his own kingdom in southern Britain.

No other examples of this ancient British gold coin have been recorded, and it is considered to be of the highest rarity, Rudd said. It will be sold by auction in November and is expected to fetch in excess of £3,000, or more than $5,000.

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