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No Denver Quarters Produced in March
By Numismatic News

No quarters were struck by the Denver Mint in the month of March and the Philadelphia Mint coined just 200,000 pieces.

Collectors who think the 53,200,000 Philadelphia Puerto Rico quarter mintage total is low might soon see Guam quarter totals even lower as a result and this is just the third of six designs to be issued in 2009.

March production numbers showed an overall declining rate of output in the third month of the calendar year, with only 165,040,000 coins struck. The bulk of these were cents.

In March 98 million cents were struck. Most of those, or 90 million, were struck at Philadelphia and just 8 million were coined at Denver. This brings total cent production in 2009 to 634,800,000. Not so long ago the Mint had to produce one billion cents a month just to keep the economy supplied.

Denver also struck no dimes in March and Philadelphia struck just 11 million pieces. Dimes produced in 2009 now total 120,000,000 coins.

The mint in Colorado wasn't completely closed in March. In addition to the small number of cents, it produced 3,120,000 nickels and 29,260,000 Presidential dollars. Philadelphia contributed 12,960,000 nickels and 10,500,000 Presidential dollars.

When added to output for the two prior months, the total number of nickels struck so far in 2009 is 69,360,000 and the total number of Presidential dollars is 151,340,000.

Neither mint struck half dollars or Native American dollars in March.

The March production numbers brought the total of all coins stuck this calendar year to 1,197,880,000 pieces.

If the March pace would continue, which isn't likely, the total coinage for the year would be just under 2.7 billion coins, a number that would be of a similar order of magnitude of what was produced by the U.S. Mint 50 years ago.


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