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PCGS Bulk Submissions Available to Collectors Club
by Jaime Hernandez

Bulk submissions were closed to Club members last year due to frequent violations of submission rules. Improper submissions create a tremendous bottleneck as our operational staff has to reconcile each submission. Unfortunately that closure also penalized the submitters who were abiding by bulk submission rules. We are going to re-open the Bulk Submission Service with a couple new twists.

Before submitting bulk, a club member must sign an agreement wherein they agree to pay a $75 handling fee and have their coins returned ungraded for any improper bulk submission (this fee will be charged to their credit card or deducted from the payment sent with the submission).

Improper submissions include submitting less than the minimum quantity of coins and/or including more than four different date/mint mark combinations. At PCGS' discretion the submitter may be contacted and offered the choice of changing to another submission level and paying the incremental fee. Fair warning: we will allow no exceptions on this issue.

Bulk program requirements:

100 coin minimum
No more than four different date or mint mark combinations
Estimated 30-day turnaround.

$10 per coin that makes the minimum grade assigned by you. There is a 60% minimum. If less than 60% of the coins do not make your grade you will be charged $5 each for the coins that failed to meet the minimum.

The Bulk Submission Agreement Form must be signed and returned to PCGS before any bulk submissions. This form needs to be completed annually and will remain on file with PCGS.


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