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Penny war nets $1,500 for fire victims
Aliso Niguel High School students donate money to the Red Cross

They wanted to make a change.

A change in the lives of those who lost possessions, large and small, expensive and inexpensive, replaceable and irreplaceable during last October's wildfires.

In order to make that change, students at Aliso Niguel High School emptied their pockets, filled jars with coins and small bills and collected $1,500 for the American Red Cross to be passed along to those affected by the recent disaster.

"We were all very pleased with the amount we raised," said Neil Aronson, fundraiser organizer and Associated Student Body member. "We are definitely going to do more fundraisers in the future for the community when the need arises."

For one week, the students fought in a "penny war." Each class could only add pennies to its jar, while competing classes could sabotage the penny collecting by adding other coins and bills. The sophomore class finished with the most pennies in its jar.

Morning announcements and e-mails to faculty and parents helped elicit additional donations, and music at lunch turned the coin-collecting into an event.

Alesha Arp, a representative from the Red Cross, met with Aronson at Aliso Niguel to collect the money on behalf of the Orange County chapter.

Following the success of the penny drive, students have since organized a blood drive for the Red Cross and a fundraiser benefiting the homeless.

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