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Demand for Physical Gold Breaking Records
by Capital Gold Group

In a recent interview in his syndicated radio talk show, The Gold Show, Jonathan Rose, the President and CEO of Capital Gold Group, Inc., one of the country's premier providers of physical gold assets, stated that the demand for physical gold as a hedge against losses in paper assets such as stocks and the US dollar is breaking records.

CGG reports that total demand for all types of gold - bullion, proof, and numismatic - have doubled year over year and continues to escalate as people realize the full impact of our economic condition. Gold is being viewed as a store of wealth, an essential part of every investment portfolio, and vital for the preservation and protection of one's assets in very uncertain economic times.

"People are reporting huge losses in the market, in their IRAs and 401ks, and are unhappy with low-yielding bank accounts. They realize these types of accounts will never reach their intended goal," Mr. Rose stated.

"They are also learning that shares in gold mining companies, gold ETFs, and shares of a gold mutual fund don't provide the safety and security of the tangible asset because they're still investing in paper gold. They never actually get to take physical possession of the metal," Mr. Rose said. "The safety and security of gold is in taking possession of it. You keep it in your hands, you put it somewhere safe, and you allow it protect the buying power of your money for the long-term."

As for those concerned about whether it is too late to enter the market, Mr. Rose was quoted as saying, "A lot of people wait to buy gold. Instead, people should buy gold and wait."

Considering gold's inverse relationship with the dollar, a shrinking US dollar bodes well for gold. The US Dollar Index has lost over 30% since 2001, and continues to decline, while gold has risen over 300%.

Mr. Rose believes that investors have a much better chance of recovering losses in the market by holding gold instead of stocks.

Mr. Rose quoted Louise Yamada, one of the top technical analysts in the business, who stated in a recent CNBC interview (March 2, 2009) that the destruction of wealth relative to the crash of 1929, when the market declined 49%, was really in the 3-4 years following 1930, after a secondary rally in the market, which she related to the rally of 2007 within an ongoing bear market.

"In 1930, when the crash support level of 1929 gave way, that was the decline was wiped out the wealth, and that's what we're worried about today," she said.

Jonathan Rose, CEO of Capital Gold Group, is a recognized commentator for worldwide gold markets, including the United States, Europe, China, India, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Capital Gold Group, Inc. has main offices in Los Angeles.


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