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Priceless Ancient Gold Coin in Qatar
By Arvind Nair

AN ANCIENT gold coin, known as the Dinar of the Standing Caliph, Abdul Malik bin Marwan al-Umawi, now in Qatari hands, has just been officially authenticated as genuine.
The validation came from Dr Samir al-Khadem, president of the Beirut-based Numismatics Society of the Arab and Islamic World.

The Dinar is potentially so priceless that the owners are reluctant to put a tag on it.
The 22.8-carat coin is “minted during the seventies of the first Hegira century (74AH)”, al-Khadem told the owners.

The obverse side of the coin carries a portrait of the Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan with inscriptions in Kufi characters along the margin. The other side carries the Islamic creed. “There is no God but Allah alone and Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger,” which is minted along the margin.
Dr al-Kadem concluded that “this Dinar belongs to the Umayyad Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan. It is a genuine Dinar and it is a prototype of the first Islamic type and specimen of currency.

“It is genuine as regards its weight, diameter and fineness as well as form. A few numbers of this unique Dinar were minted as souvenirs in the year 74 of the Hegira in honour of the victories realised by Abdul Malik over his foes, in the interior and the exterior and in commemoration of this Umayyad Caliph who Arabised administrative departments and executed the first monetary reform in the early stage of Islam.”

“This unique Dinar is considered one of the aristocratic coins. The intrinsic value of this Dinar has no limit because it is the only and genuine Dinar without any fault except the hole in its top. This hole is a positive factor affirming the true state and genuineness of this Dinar which gives us a clear, correct and practical image about the dawn of Islamic minting.”

The 4.25gm gold coin contains 95.1% of gold, with silver, zinc, copper and palladium making up the rest. It has a vertical diameter of 20mm and horizontal diameter of 19mm and thickness of 1mm.
More information about the coin could be obtained by writing to infokbs@qatar.net.qa or visiting www.numisoc.org


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