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Prices Firm Up Ahead of ANA
By Harry Miller

The market is beginning to anticipate the upcoming World's Fair of Money hosted Aug. 5-9 by the American Numismatic Association in Los Angeles. There is further strength in precious metals with gold trading over $950 an ounce, which I believe is a five-week high. Silver is up 4 percent and platinum 2.5 percent from last week's writing.

While I expect some decline in the 2009 Ultra High Relief premiums because of the Mint announcing a new 10-coin household limit, the opposite is true for proof gold American Eagles, which have gained nearly $100 each in the past few weeks.

The U.S. type gold market continues very active with a few downward adjustments in the MS-64 and MS-65 range accompanied by a score of increases in VF and higher, including a few of the upper Mint State grades. I note that $10 Indians were down slightly for a few days and then buyers came back in and prices are even a little higher in MS-60-62.

Early U.S. type coins continue strong in all collector affordable grades as are all key and semi-key issues of the last 150 years. The softness in some of the higher grade early type has abated. If attending ANA, remember to use this venue to increase your knowledge and you will enjoy the hobby more and your investment will improve.


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