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Seated Liberty coins up
By Mark Ferguson

Values are still rising for some coin series even though the market in general has softened and sales of collector coins are now slower than during the bull market of the past five years.

Seated Liberty coins are still being actively sought out by numerous seasoned collectors. Common issues are fairly easy to find and are stable in their prices, but scarce varieties and even some of the more commonly found issues are tough to find in problem-free condition in the higher circulated grades.

One middle-aged collector who collects several denominations of Seated Liberty coins says he has had the most difficulty through the years in finding the Seated Liberty quarter dollar issues as compared to the other Seated Liberty denominations. He regularly attends major coin shows and auctions.

The latest valuing update of Seated Liberty quarter dollars does not reveal a tremendous amount of values increasing. Typically, about 75 to 90 percent of the issues in each grade were increasing during the recent bull market, but as the market slowed, about 10 to 25 percent of the values in this series changed.

Most of the latest changes are slightly higher, by about 10 to 20 percent. However, some of the higher grade Mint State examples have shown slightly greater increases. Some people are thinking that some of these higher grade common issues have become overpriced in today’s overall coin market.

Seated Liberty coins can be considered "blue-chip" coins because the rare ones are being held by collectors who are not likely to sell their collections soon. Great collections of the Seated Liberty coins enter the market very infrequently as compared to coins from other series. Plenty of competition always vies for scarce issues offered for sale.

Therefore, Seated Liberty coins should be able to hold their values very well in a down market, unlike much more common coins such as Morgan dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars or Washington quarter dollars.

Other segments in the coin market should hold their own as well. Examples include early copper coins and Capped Bust half dollars, of which both series/categories attract knowledgeable, experienced collectors.

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