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Spanish Mint Issues Independence Set
By Royal Spanish Mint

The year 2008 will mark the Bicentenary of the War of Independence that brought Spain into combat with the forces of the First French Empire and triggered the uprising of May 2, 1808.

The Royal Spanish Mint has chosen to join in the celebration of this event of importance for Spain, which marked the beginning of a new historical cycle and produced a change in the previous political systems.

The five coins come blister-packed so as to wholly preserve the engraving and luster, and are presented in a deluxe jewel case together with the respective certificate of authenticity issued by the Royal Spanish Mint.

The coins may be acquired as single items, as a silver set comprising the Cincuentin and the three 8-real coins, or as the full set consisting of all five coins.

8-Escudos Gold

The obverse features a reproduction of the oil painting “General José de Palafox on horseback” by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.

The reverse shows an adaptation of the engraving entitled “How brave!”, one of the most dramatic plates from Goya’s “Disasters of War” series, housed in the National Chalcography.

Cincuentín Silver

The obverse reproduces the oil painting entitled “May 3, 1808 in Madrid: the executions by firing squad on the mountain called Príncipe Pío “, painted by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes.

The reverse depicts an adaptation from Goya’s oil painting “May 2, 1808 in Madrid: the battle with the Mamelukes”, housed in the Prado Museum.

8-Reales Silver - Battle of Bailén

The obverse of the first coin of 8 reales reproduces the main theme of the oil painting “The Surrender of Bailén” by José Casado del Alisal.

The reverse is a rendering of the work by José María Galván “General Castaños, Duke of Bailén”, who was granted the designation of duke for overcoming the French army in the well-known “Battle of Bailén” on July 19, 1808.

8-Reales Silver - Death of Daoiz and the Parque Monteleón

The obverse of this second coin features an interpretation of the painting “Death of Daoiz and the defense of the Parque Monteleón”, by Manuel Castellano.

The reverse portrays an adaptation of the oil painting “Manuela Malasaña”, by José Luis de Villar y Rodríguez de Castro. Deemed a heroine and famed for her youth and her fight for liberty, Manuela Malasaña was a victim of the events of May 2, 1808.

8-Reales Silver - Edict of the Mayors of Móstoles

The obverse of this third coin reproduces the illustration “Edict of the Mayors of Móstoles”.

The reverse has been struck with an interpretation of the monument to the Drummer of Bruc, the work of Frederic Marès, that can be seen in the El Bruc district (Barcelona). The statue of the drummer commemorates the battles won in that same place during the War of Independence.

The Sets
Complete Set - Price: 1.255,12 Euros (*)
Silver Set - Price: 327,12 Euros

Individual coins
8-escudos gold - Price: 928 Euros (*)
Silver Cincuentín - Price: 174 Euros (*)
8-reales silver - Price: 51,04 Euros (*)

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