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Stacks Boasts Array of Rarities
By CoinLink

On September 24, 2008, Stack’s will present the Autumn Sale, a diverse offering of U.S. coins that features selections from the Bunting, the M.N. Davis, and the Frank Ford, Jr. collections. Beginning at 1:00 pm in Stack’s own auction gallery at 110 West 57th Street in New York City, the Autumn Sale could be rightly termed a “collector’s sale,” for it offers many exciting rarities that are supported by a broad base of high quality, more mainstream coins.

Colonial and early American coins lead off our sale in the traditional fashion and take us straight into early Federal issues. Notable among these coins is a solid example of a 1793 half cent in VF-20 (PCGS). A well-loved rarity, the 1793 half cent has always been heavily pursued by collectors; the present coin is an excellent example that will fit nicely into any serious half cent collection. Minor coinage continues to impress, with a beautiful 1865 silver 3˘ piece graded Proof-67 by NGC. With only one coin certified as finer by NGC, this example is likely one of the finest known examples on the market today.

U.S. half dimes and dimes offer an admirable selection of coins to choose from, including a 1795 half dime in MS-62 (PCGS), as well as a fabulous 1921-D Mercury dime graded MS-67 FB by NGC. With no coins certified finer by NGC, and no examples certified finer than MS-66 FB by PCGS, this coin represents the utmost in quality and is certainly among the finest survivors of the series. Quarters and half dollars also provide the bidder with good opportunities to acquire major U.S. rarities, as well as the chance to add some more affordable coins to your collection. Highlights here include a richly toned Ex Ashland City 1846 Proof quarter graded Proof-65 (NGC) and a rare 1874-CC Arrows half dollar graded AU-58 (PCGS) (CAC), in addition to the splendid variety of early half dollars offered in between.

Silver dollars will surely be a source of much bidding activity, with an outstanding selection of nice (and affordable!) early dollars offered in the lower grades, punctuated by many high-grade pieces like a 1797 B-1 Draped Bust dollar in AU-55 (PCGS) and a 1799/8 15 Stars Reverse specimen in MS-61 (NGC). Also to note is an exceptional 1803 B-5 dollar graded MS-63 by NGC, a coin that is among the top survivors of both the date and die variety.

Gobrecht dollars make a brief, but noteworthy, appearance with the classic Original 1836 example graded Proof-63 (NGC) at the forefront. Morgan dollars, that ever-popular collecting niche, present an excellent array of both common dates and rarities, but the section is epitomized by that quintessential specimen-the 1895 Proof-only issue. The example here is graded Proof-60 and is a fully brilliant coin with a degree of cameo effect. Groups, rolls, elusive patterns, and interesting commemoratives are up next in the Autumn Sale, the last section boasting a 1928 Hawaiian in MS-66 (PCGS) and a complete five-piece set of 1915-S Panama-Pacific coins that includes both the round and octagonal gold $50 pieces.

A small group of Private and Territorial gold coins, a few fractional gold pieces, and a couple of lots of Hawaiian coinage provide a nice segue into U.S. gold issues. One of the finest known 1856-D gold dollars, a nearly Choice example graded MS-62 (PCGS), certainly merits attention, and will surely see its fair share of excitement as it crosses the auction block. Likewise, the highly coveted and seriously important 1879 Flowing Hair Stella graded Proof-63 by NGC will stand out as one of the most memorable events of this sale.

An extensive offering of half eagles and eagles brings us into the home stretch with a superb 1908-S half eagle graded MS-67 by NGC. A low-mintage issue to begin with, this coin is at the top of the census with only one coin certified finer as an MS-68 by NGC, and offers the potential bidder truly exceptional quality and rarity. Like the half eagles and eagles before it, the section of double eagles provides prospective bidders with plenty to consider. A wide range of Liberty Head and Saint-Gaudens issues is typified by many high-grade specimens, in addition to such classic rarities as the MCMVII (1907) High Relief, Flat Rim example in MS-66 (NGC), and a 1930-S in AU-58 (NGC) (CAC).

The Autumn Sale will provide you with many opportunities to expand your collection, or perhaps begin a new one!

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