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State Quarter Pursuit
By Michele Orzano

Collectors unknown to each other find common ground in State quarters

One of the best parts of the State quarter dollar program has been the way stories about collectors can resonate with other collectors who have never met each other.

Case in point: In "The State Quarters" column published in the Feb. 18 issue of Coin World, we featured the report of an Ohio collector who said he has kept every State quarter dollar he has ever found in change.

He said that since the program began in 1999, he has dropped each coin he found into a five-gallon water jug.

That story prompted a fellow State quarter collector in New York to tell his story:

"Wow I am glad to see that I am not the only one who has saved all the quarters received since the start of the program. I can tell you that it will take a long time to separate and roll. I have been separating and rolling quarters about every two to three months. I do not know how many quarters are or would end up in his five-gallon jug, but my collection includes coins that would be graded poor to almost Uncirculated."

Most of the coins the new York collector had found and rolled as of November 2007 were struck at the Philadelphia Mint – a total of 1,114 40-coin rolls. He reports filling 123 $10 face value rolls with Denver Mint-struck State quarters.

His total so far? He says it adds up to 49,480 coins but he wonders if that would "fit in a five-gallon jug?"

We have no idea if it would fit a five-gallon jug but we are hoping he's had the floors in his home reinforced to bear the extra weight!

Many of you have reported finding 2008 Oklahoma quarters in circulation. It is always good to hear that collectors are finding the newest coin in circulation.

So now it's time to get ready for the release of the 2008 New Mexico coin, possibly in early April.

No word yet from the U.S. Mint or the New Mexico governor's office on the exact time, date or place of a launch ceremony. But when we do know that information, we will publish it.

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