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Thrill of the Hunt
By Michele Orzano
Looking for 1999 Georgia quarter dollar plunges collector into roll collecting

The thrill of the hunt puts the "go" in "good morning" for many folks.

Whether you're looking for that special coin or note or some exotic plant for your backyard, being on the lookout for something keeps your mind sharp.

That's what Lawrence N. Husbands of New Jersey found out as he began looking for 1999 Georgia quarter dollars.

Husbands writes, "I was having trouble locating Georgia [quarter dollars] from a bank, so I started a roll of Georgia quarters from pocket change. I finally completed the Georgia roll on Dec. 24, 2005. ... I still have it for some unknown reason."

The roll contains 38 Philadelphia Mint and two Denver Mint coins.

Actually, Husbands not only has the all-Georgia roll of State quarter dollars but he also collects the other State quarters by roll.

He said he decided to collect a roll of State quarter dollars struck at the Philadelphia Mint as each new design was released.

Though he writes that he wanted to collect and assemble the rolls from circulation finds he "quickly realized this would be a daunting task. So, I purchased rolls from nearby banks. This is an ongoing project. I am up-to-date except I still need Arizona and, of course, Alaska and Hawaii. I will probably continue this project with the territorial quarters in 2009."

The majority of the rolls he has acquired have come from banks, though he did purchase about five rolls from dealers.

"What am I going to do with them? No clue. Just enjoyed the thrill of the hunt," he writes. "What will they be worth when complete at end of 2009? Well, I know for a fact that they will be worth a minimum of $560. That's 56 rolls at $10 each!"

His wife, Ann, has also been collecting State quarter dollars but with a little different emphasis.

She is an elementary schoolteacher and uses the State quarter dollars and other coins to mark the achievements of her students. She keeps a map album of State quarter dollars at her desk and the child who brings in the first quarter for a state is reimbursed with a quarter from her. She then records the name of the child next to the name of the state on the map. Each new quarter dollar design has prompted a discussion with the children.

The State quarter dollars (and soon, the Territorial quarters) have inspired the couple to chase after something fun. But Lawrence Husbands made it clear that there is at least one coin he is not chasing.

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