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Ultra Rare Discovery at Smithsonian
By CoinLink

Michael S. Fey, co-author of the Top 100 Morgan dollar varieties, announced today the discovery of an ultra rare 1878 8TF VAM 14.13 (doubled eyelid; A1n reverse) struck partially out-of-collar (railroad rim).

According to Fey, “This is the 2nd known major error of any 1878 8TF Morgan dollar in the history of its mintage of approximately 750,000 coins, and is only the 29th specimen of the VAM 14.13 reported to date. The combination of an 1878 8TF ultra rarity with a major error of this type is significant, and may have played a role in the early demise of the obverse die.

Fey not only had an opportunity to review ultra rare silver dollars and silver dollar patterns, but numerous classic American rarities. Among the highlights of coins he held were a 1787 Brasher doubloon with punch on wing, and a “unique” 1787 Brasher half doubloon with punch on wing. He held a 1652 New England shilling, a set of 1792 Birch coinage including a silver plug Birch cent, a mint state 1793 Chain “Ameri”, an 1838-O proof half dollar (only 20 minted) and a unique 1860 $20 Proof Pacquet Reverse J-272a and so many more.

According to Fey, “I could not be any more impressed or dazzled by the assortment of numismatic treasures held in our National Numismatic Collection. This is where these coins belong, in the public domain”.

This is to thank Dr. Brent Glass, Dr. Richard Doty, and especially Mr. Jim Hughes for their time and hospitality in allowing me to visit and look through selected coins from the National Numismatic Collection. The Smithsonian is a national treasure that deserves support from the entire hobby.

For further information, please contact Michael S. Fey, Ph.D., at RCI, P.O. Box C, Ironia, NJ 07845 or call (973) 252-4000; FAX (973) 252-0481; E-Mail: Feyms@aol.com or visit http://www.rcicoins.com

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