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Will Mint Hold Cent Ceremony
By Numismatic News

How much hoopla is appropriate for the introduction of the 2010 cent with the new Shield reverse design?

The Mint was evaluating that question as the New Year opened.

Tentatively planned is a Feb. 11 event in Springfield, Ill., where Abraham Lincoln had his law practice and where the third of four 2009 cent reverse designs debuted this past August.

The 201st anniversary of the 16th President’s birth is Feb. 12.

What dignitaries might be present and where any such ceremony would be held were open questions as indeed was the very possibility of holding any Mint ceremony at all, said Tom Jurkowsky, Mint public relations director, on Jan. 5.

There was also no word on possible release of the new cent to the banking system. Last year’s initial cent release coincided with the ceremonial debut of the first new reverse design in February.

The 2010 Shield reverse design symbolizes the Civil War-era preservation of the American Union.


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